Core Values

Our Team Members

Mia Reeves

Mia Anne Pham Reeves, Managing Partner, CPA

Mia worked at one of the four largest accounting firms in the world (Big 4), and her client base included individuals and companies in various industries such as real estate, nonprofit, manufacturing, and retail. 

Her passion is to help business owners achieve their financial dreams through financial consulting and tax planning. She is committed to help people transform their lives and their businesses to the next level. 

She graduated cum laude from Texas Christian University, and also received her Master Degree in Accounting from the same school. 

In her spare time, Mia organizes a nonprofit to help people get out of debt, loves to explore new places, and participate in different leadership organizations. 


Marisol Saenz, Manager, CPA

Marisol is a Certified Public Accountant in Texas. She graduated magna cum laude from Sam Houston State University, then worked at one of the four largest public accounting firms in the world (Big 4). Marisol has a passion for helping others discover their greatness and take actions to fulfill on their mission in life, which she believes tends to go hand in hand with their business. 

"My intention is to use the knowledge and experience I have gathered throughout the years to help people and companies achieve their goals through the various services we offer including financial coaching." 

Outside of work,  Marisol enjoys spending her time serving her church community and participating in a training and development program preparing and delivering courses that make a lasting difference in people's lives. She also loves singing and playing the guitar. 



Susanna Thomas, Bookkeeper

Susanna graduated with an Accounting degree while simultaneously beginning a family--growing her family with two children while still graduating summa cum laude.  

Since that time, she has continued to balance home life with outside commitments, adding two more children and homeschooling them all, along with volunteer positions and maintaining a part-time bookkeeping career.  

"I have appreciated the experience, flexibility, and opportunities each has brought to my life. As we near the end of our homeschool journey and I work my way out of one job, my schedule has allowed me room to expand my professional commitments and I am enjoying the new opportunities and using my skills with different clients and in different settings" 


Krystal Saenz, Administrative Assistant

Krystal Saenz has experience in sales, marketing and leadership training. 

 "I am detail oriented and have a passion for helping others reach their goals in life in whatever way I can be of service."  

Outside of work, Krystal enjoys participating in community services, dancing, working out, and running her own nutrition club.